Monday, July 18, 2011

The Lost Popsicle

A few weeks ago, I caved and let my son Sam purchase something from the ice cream truck. This came after many of his pursuits..usually at 10:00 am ..or 8:30pm....or better yet, 12 pm, right during lunch.  The ding ding man fails to have impeccable timing, which was mostly why I always would tell my kids "Not today".  But this day was different.  We had just finished lunch and began putting away our dishes when we all heard the familiar "ding ding" of the van moving slowly down our street.  Sam and Wes ran into the kitchen with big hopeful smiles...and I said, "OK".  

I reached into my purse and to my amazement, actually had about $10 worth of cash on me, I never have cash.  :/  I gave them each $1 and they busted out the front door and ran about 1/2 a block where the van slowed and came to a stop once it spotted the blissful children.  I watched during the exchange and then as they proudly were coming back toward home, (Wes with his blue raspberry popsicle, and Sam with a bright green lime popsicle), I went back to my work in the kitchen.  It felt good to delight their little hearts in such a simple way..and without the guilt of ruining their lunch or dinner.  ;)

A few moments later, Sam came out from the hallway which leads to our bathroom.  He was quite long faced...and looked on the verge of tears.  I noticed something missing as I said "Where did your popsicle go?"  With a burst of emotion, he let out,  "IT FELL IN THE TOILET!!!!!!"  I paused for a moment as I imagined what had happened.  Living in a house of boys, I've had quite the education on bathroom behavior...and I quickly figured it out.  To waste no time with the new popsicle, it made sense to Sam to put the treat in his mouth WHILE using the bathroom.  I'm sure devastation hit when he realized he was still "going" and the lime goodness was slipping from his mouth and into the toilet.

My first reaction was to laugh..but then I realized how upset my son was. His sheer excitement and fun had quickly turned to sheer disappointment and loss.  We sat on the sofa while he cried and I encouraged him that there would be more ice cream "vans"  ;/  in the future.  I then reminded him that next time it might not be such a good idea to use the bathroom while eating, anything.  He composed himself and went out to play.  Every so often throughout the day he came back in, and the memory of what had happened caused him to tear up, and even let out a cry.  A few days later his opportunity came again, and I mercifully and gladly gave in, and watched him savor the lime popsicle on the front porch even though it was 5 pm right before dinner.

Among many many blessings, I also have lost a few popsicles in my lifetime,..and lately the metaphor has rung true.  As I have been walking through some disappointment, my tendency is to try and hold on to pieces of what is lost.  But as my sister pointed out, to try and retrieve the popsicle from the toilet is not what I want either.  It is irretrievable, not to mention not as appetizing as it once was. ;P  But I can trust God for His timing and more opportunities.  He is pretty good at grace and mercy..and in the meantime I am learning and growing in character.


  1. LOVE this. I never understand when something so good just slips right out of reach. I trust in a God who does understand and loves to shower me with mercy and grace, not to mention love. Just this morning a friend's post on fb said, "Gospel according to Katie: 'Jesus shove me dis I know.'" Sometimes he needs to shove us because he loves us. "Not this way, I have something better in store." My heart hurts when I think of Sam being upset all day about it, that is how I am, but I need quite a few days. Sarah P

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